New York Fashion Week, Baseball’s Opening Day and TV’s Fall Lineup Rolled Into One

New York Fashion Week, Baseball’s Opening Day and TV’s Fall Lineup Rolled Into One

For some, it’s New York Fashion Week. For others, it’s baseball’s Opening Day.
For many, it’s TV’s Fall Lineup.

So new and exciting–holding the promise of great things to come –abundant entertainment, unknown possibilities, unbridled enthusiasm, endless opportunities and exploding potential.
It’s the 2016 Mah Jongg Card!

Depending on what day(s) of the week you play Maj, you’ve either played with the card, or you haven’t yet had the pleasure…

I confess to having played with it twice already and I must congratulate the National Mah Jongg League for their best card in years.

While keeping some of the old standards to which we’ve grown accustomed, like FF 5555 77 9999, and FF 3333 6666 9999, and having predictably tweaked many of the old stand-by hands in familiar fashion, we are introduced to some very interesting hands that are refreshingly unfamiliar.

For instance, the Eleven hands, which usually alternate with Seven hands, include 2’s and 9’s as one of its combinations.

In Quints, I’d describe the FF 11111 66 77777 hand as bordering on cutting-edge, while the Wind and Dragon hand: DDDD NN EW SS DDDD (Kong any 2 Dragons) is as far from humdrum as you can get.

Even the Singles and Pairs hand: FF 11 22 33 DD DD DD (using all three Dragons) is uncharacteristic of what we’ve seen before.

We all tend to have our favorite hands—the place where our eyes go to most often on the card. If you’re an even person—2’s, 4’s 6’s and 8’s might be your comfort zone, while someone else zeros in on 5’s, 7’s & 9’s. Maj players often stick with hands that are easy to visualize or conceptualize, while others try what’s most interesting or challenging. Some of us go right to the singles and pairs hands when we don’t get Jokers, while others (a shout out to Barbara and Julie) are the Queens of Quints.

No matter what type of hands you’re drawn to, I think we can all agree that the 2016 Mah Jongg card holds much promise for the coming year. This card, so delightful and intriguing, might just lead us into previously unchartered card territory.

I welcome your comments about the new 2016 Maj card.

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