Who Needs a Rorschach Test? Discover your True Personality Through Mah Jongg

Who Needs a Rorschach Test? Discover your True Personality Through Mah Jongg

The famous Rorschach inkblot test is no match for Mah Jongg when it comes to personality discovery: you can learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about yourself through this amazing game.

While there are certain people I love dearly, I don’t enjoy playing Mah Jongg with them.
I’ve come to this realization simply by paying attention to myself and others over the years through the game of Mah Jongg.

I have always considered myself an easy going person. However, this may be a myth I’ve created for myself. I’m really quite particular about many things, and Mah Jongg is one of them.

These are the things I need to be completely happy while playing Mah Jongg:

• As little distraction from pets as possible
• If music is on, it needs to be very low, otherwise I will start singing and distract
myself and others
• As little distraction from cell phones as possible (this includes talking, texting, and
the sound of incoming texts)
• As little talking among the players as possible (when someone is talking during a game,
they often forget to name their tile as they discard it, and I have to be the Maj police,
and name the tile for them)
• Other people in the room (for instance, a fifth player who is sitting out) to be as quiet
as possible
• The other players to be concentrating on the game

In a perfect Maj world, I would have all these things, all of the time. I realize this is a fantasy, so I take what I can get and hope for the best.

When breaking these bullet points down, the deeper meaning comes through loud and clear:

I love the game of Maj and want to play it. I don’t want to deal with extraneous things when Maj is to be played—dogs, cell phones, etc. I don’t want to have a lot of conversation either. I love socializing and conversation… just in a different setting—not a Maj game.

Is it because I’m competitive? I have been told I’m competitive by those who know me well, however I’ve played Maj with people who make me look like I could care less about winning…

I think it’s because I try to do my best in all aspects of my life. When I play a game, I play it to the best of my ability. If I don’t win – fine, as long as I’ve given it my best.

That brings me to the conversation part – If I’m talking with someone, I want to give them my full attention, which I cannot do if I’m playing Maj; I tend to be giving my full thought and consideration to my tiles.

On the other hand, I’ve played with people who simply want to be social, chat, have a good time, play with whatever dog is in the room, talk on their cell phone, and all that good stuff. These are people I love, but I’ve learned that they’re not a good Maj match for me.

What kind of Maj player are you? Are you like me, more serious and wanting fewer distractions, or are you more laid back, enjoying good music, electronic devices, conversation and social interaction during your game? Or…is it even possible…could you be some combination of both?

My philosophy in a nutshell: Let’s all go to dinner if we want to have a good conversation. But if we’re playing Maj, let’s play Maj!! What’s yours? I welcome your comments.

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